Caravelles and Explorer (13-16 years)



It’s going to be skewed at the subcamp of the CaEx. With the motto “ECHT SCHRÄG”, the 13-16 year old will spend ten unforgettable days at the FLOW on the Danube Island. To fit the motto the subcamps of the CaEx will be named after mountains!

The program will be very varied and full of excitement and variety: the CaEx can test their skills and demonstrate their knowledge at various workshops – A thrilling and exciting mingle-mangle of trips. The day of “open pots” will provide the opportunity for culinary exchange, excursions in modular system and a „noisy night“ will round off the action-packed days. In addition lots of unplugged program and much more is scheduled.
Who wouldn’t look forward to this upcoming, fun-packed time?

There will be many thrilling activities, and it won´t be anthing less than awesome!



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