The camp organisation is divided in eight ressorts:

You want to join the FLOW?

We are looking for you! All Teams are still seeking for helping hands in various areas and positions. If you want to join any ressort-team, please contact us via email. We’re looking forward to hear from you!


Jürgen Racher

Assistent: Günter Payerl



Chief: Michael “Bongo” Loucky

Assisten: Susanna Kotrousch & Markus Kerschhofer

The administration oversees the whole camp-management: participants and IST, data bases, IT and the camp finances are managed by this team. In addition, the participant and guest registration to the camp and all clothing, as well as all FLOW gifts, goodies and gadgets will be ordered and handled here.


Food Logistics

Chief: Kathi Holovlasky

Assistent: Herbert Farkalits

6.000 camp participants, their scouts and guide leaders, IST and guests … all these people eat and drink a lot! “Food Logistics” designs the camp recipes, the cookbook, and calculates the quantities of all ingredients needed. Kathi and her team will take over the food orders and will check the delivery and quality. Additionally, the Food Logistics Team cares for individual food sensitivities, supplies all restaurants and cafés and supervises camp hygiene.


Health & Safety

Chief: Ernst M. Felberbauer

Assistent: Martin “Sturmy” Sturm

„Health&Safety“ coordinates the security and medical facilities for all camp participants and staff. The camp ambulance with doctors, paramedics and social workers are in charge of your health and well-being. Safety and security experts check all camp constructions, fire protection, escape routes and all emergency infrastructure. In addition, the Health & Safety Team coordinates disaster planning and contacts to authorities.


Age Groups

GuSp: Roman Schinhan & Team



CaEx: Paul Medek | Thomas Horvath & Team


RaRo: Regina “Gini” Fiala und Boris Stummer & Team

Being part of the „age groups“ team, you can demonstrate your creativity and scouting skills in designing the programme as well as the campsites of the Girl Guides & Boy Scouts, of the Caravelles & Explorers, and of the Rangers & Rovers.

Programme & Services

Chief: Daniela Schindl & Alois “Loisl” Seiz

Assistent: Lisi Bizinger

This Team is responsible for the overall programme. It includes all services and activities permanently open for the camp participants. These are – among others – sports activities, cultural events, excursions, challenges and other onsite activities as well as the kindergarden, the beavers’ and the cubs’ & brownies’ visits and the infopoints. The Service Team will also be responsible for building the “FLOW landmark” and offering support for the age groups events, the opening and closing ceremony, as well as social activity “Volounteer4today” and much more.



Chief: Thomas “Otto” Schmid

Assistent: Christian Hanser

In the Infrastructure Team, your handicraft skills are in high demand for building and tearing down of the central camp infrastructure, as well as all major structures. The supply with water, energy, wood and materials are part of the organisational work of the Infrastructure Team, as is waste and sewage disposal. Additionally, the camp logistics and all transports will be managed by the Infrastructure Team.


Public Relations

Chief: Nora Sonnleitner

Assistent: Andreas Wohlmuth and Giulia Raberger

The Public Relations Team is looking for all gifted journalists, photographers, webdesigners, camerapersons and media professionals among you. Reporting about the camp, dealing with the press, working with the media, creating the camp newspaper, the homepage and looking after social media will be among your tasks. “PR” is the “external face” of the FLOW: visitors’ days, receptions, guest & VIP-management will be coordinated here.